Sentire Med Deluxe Forza FCX Charger Power Supply

  • Sentire Med Deluxe Forza FCX Charger Power Supply
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This battery charger works for:
Sentire Med Deluxe Forza FCX

If this is not your device model, click this link below to find out the correct charger you need. We have replacement chargers for almost all Sentire .

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Battery Charger for Sentire Med Deluxe Forza FCX with Free Cord

Short Circuit Protection - Prevents damage caused when operating in a short circuit condition for an indefinite period of time. The charger is "self-recovering" when the fault condition is removed.
Reverse Polarity Protection - Prevents damage when positive and negative polarities are connected in reverse.
Low Voltage Protection - When the battery voltage is below a preset value, the charger will not start charging.
Over Charging Protection- Automatically switches to Float Mode.
The charger is also compatible with a variety of electric scooters, mobility scooters, and power wheelchairs (3-wheel or 4 wheel).

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